Hands Free Reflective Dog Leash With Free Bag Dispenser

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Enjoy walking your dog hands-free with this reflective bungee dog leash. It's no fun having to stop right in the middle of an energetic run. Our two conveniently placed handles will allow you to control your pup without breaking stride. Quickly use the handle by your hip to guide your dog back on track, or the collar handle for more direct control.

Your dog can comfortably run in front of you or beside you, without feeling like you are stepping on their heels. The 6 ft leash is long enough to provide plenty of room for both you and your dog - short enough to not get in your way.

The durable bungee is placed between the two handles keeping the bungee from having a constant pulling tension on your dog when it is not needed - It allows for an absorbed extension for strong pulling dogs.

Reflective stitching provides added visibility and safety when out at night.

As a bonus the leash comes with a detachable bag dispenser.

Leash Length:180-250 cm (70-98")
Adjustable waist length:70-120 cm (27.5"-47")